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Katrine Borre (owner ) has worked as an inde-documentary director in collaboration with other production companies since 1985. DR-TV, The National Danish Film Institute and Swedish TV are some of the distributors to buy Katrine’s productions. 
Vi prefers to integrate with prejudiced people or environments. Strives to present counter-images or to look at important issues from new angles..The stories will always start with individual human beings. Themes are often love, dreams and longings. The genre is ‘poetic realism’.


Mettes Voice "Mette is 43 years and a trained nurse. She has been a psychiatric patient for the past 15 years. Diagnosis: Paranoid Schizophrenia. Treatment: Vast amounts of medicine, 150 electro-shock treat-ments and disablility living allowance. This film tracks Mette’s life and her ups and downs during four years. A warm and thought provoking film about mastering your own life. About growing yourself and encountering life’s trauma – despite diagnoses. About never bereaving other people of their hopes"

Amongs Vikings and Valykrias.  Portrait af the Winter Bathing Club Jomsborg. The Viking club Jomsborg is with it's 4000 members Denmarks largest winter bathing club. This film follows the changing of the seasons, everyday pleasures and the society life, as we meet some of the many Danes, that accommodate the bath's facilities from August, when the winter bathing season sets off.  The film was commissioned by the club on the occasion of his 75th birthday. A short, warm and human film in the coldest of seasons. 37 min. 2008.

Faith, Love and Charity  Container ships from far and wide dock everyday at Århus harbour. A girl, alone with only a camera, goes on board a ship. She talks to the multinational crew and staff. She winds up with a portrait of modern maritime workers, who seem to be unchanged. A personal film about myths and dreams, love and longing, men and women. And Christmas on board a Filipino freighter. (Haslund Film, SVT1, Det Danske Filminstitut, ITF, Østjysk Filmfond) 2001

The Voicehearing Movie for the council of Århus . This film was commissioned by the Municipality of Aarhus to document the Municipality of Aarhus work with people who hear voices. We join the 1. world congress for peple who hear voices in Holland. 2011